JumpStart 4th Grade

JumpStart 4th Grade 2.11

Is a 4-CD set that reinforces over 50 skills in math, geography
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Knowledge Adventure

JumpStart® Advanced 4th Grade is a 4-CD set that reinforces over 50 skills in math, geography, grammar, science and more while children advance through exciting mysteries and adventures.
New Math & Science Challenge gets them thinking fast in a mind-bending head-to-head quiz game. Prepare your child for the 4th grade and beyond.

Disc One - Fundamentals. Use math, geography and grammar skills to unearth the secrets of the lost treasure map!

Disc Two - Ultimate Field Trips. Put your history, science and art skills to use and earn points in this action-packed adventure game.

Disc Three – Mystery Club Vol. 3. Interview suspects to track down criminal masterminds and solve mysteries!

Disc Four – Math & Science Challenge. Test your knowledge of math and science in this mind-bending quiz game.

Language Arts

- Vocabulary
- Spelling
- Grammar
- Parts of speech


- Multiplication and division
- Addition and subtraction
- Fractions
- Decimals
- Estimating
- Measurement

Social Science Arts

- History
- Geography
- World capitals


- Life and earth sciences
- Physical science

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